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International Conference Taphos 2002
3rd Meeting on Taphonomy and Fossilization. FEBRUARY 2002

[You can also download the PDF version of the program. It includes the schedule and complete information about the conference (registration fees, payment, ...)]


Thursday 14
9h-10h Registration and delivery of documentation
10h-10h30 Presentation of the Conference and Official Opening
10h30-11h Coffee break
11h -12h Opening lecture: Adolph Seilacher (Universities of Tübingen and Yale, Germany and USA):
"Non olet: the strange taphonomy of coprolites and cololites".
12h30 -13h Talk: Julia Lee-Thorp (University of Cape Town, South Africa):
"Assessing Fidelity of Stable Light Isotope Signals in the Light of Mineral Structural Changes from Fossils in Karstic South African Hominid Sites"
13h -16h Lunch
16h -16h30 Talk: Nicholas J. Butterfield (University of Cambridge, UK):
"Permineralization vs. compression; disparate modes of exceptional preservation in the Burgess Shale and their palaeobiological significance"
16h30 -17h30 Presentation of posters
17h30 -18h Coffee break
18h -19h Presentation of posters

Friday 15
9h-9h30 Talk: Richard A. Fariña (Universidad de la República de Montevideo, Uruguay):
"Taphonomy and Palaeoecology of the South American giant mammals"
9h30-10h30 Presentation of posters
10h30-11h Coffee break
11h -12h Plenary lecture: Susan Kidwell (University of Chicago, USA):
"Ecological fidelity of time-averaged marine mollusks: Good News from the Dead"
11h -13h Round Table: “Taphonomy and Archeology”
(A. K. Behrensmeyer, D. K. Ferguson, J. Lee-Thorp and R.A. Fariña)
13h -16h Lunch
16h –17h Plenary lecture: Ronald E. Martin (University of Delaware, USA):
"Cyclic and Secular Trends in Preservation Through Geologic Time: Implications for the Evolution of Biogeochemical Cycles"
17 -17h30 Coffee break
17h30-18h30 Presentation of posters
18h30 -19h30 Talk: David Kay Ferguson (Palaeontological Institute, Viena, Austria):
"Plant Taphonomic Processes and the Fossil Record"

Saturday 16
10h-11h Round Table: “Taphonomy and Evolutionary Rates” (A. Seilacher, S.M. Kidwell, N.J. Butterfield y R.E. Martin)
11h -11h30 Coffee break
11h30 -12 Talk: Susan M. Kidwell (University of Chicago, USA): "The stratigraphy of skeletal concentrations – applied taphonomy"
12h30-13h30 Closing lecture: Anna Kay Behrensmeyer (Smithsonian Institution, USA): "Bones through Time: The Importance of Biological versus Physical Taphonomic Processes in the Vertebrate Fossil Record"
13h30 -16h30 Lunch
16h30 - 18h Free time
18h -19h Guided tour to the Museu de Ciències Naturals de l’Ajuntament de València

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