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PROGRAM (overview)

[The detailed schedule are available, and a complete program of the conference can be downloaded in PDF format.]

  Ordinary contributions will be presented as posters in special sessions devoted to them. The text of the posters should be written in English. A chairman will lead each session. Discussion will follow a short presentation of the poster lasting five minutes.

  During the "International Conference Taphos 2002", four invited lectures of one hour and five invited talks of half an hour are programmed. Invited lecturers have already accepted their participation:

 Anna Kay Behrensmeyer (Smithsonian Institution, USA):
  "Bones through Time: The Importance of Biological versus Physical Taphonomic Processes in the Vertebrate Fossil Record"
 Susan Kidwell (University of Chicago, USA):
  "Ecological fidelity of time-averaged marine mollusks: Good News from the Dead".
 Ronald E. Martin (University of Delaware, USA):
  "Cyclic and Secular Trends in Preservation Through Geologic Time: Implications for the Evolution of Biogeochemical Cycles".
 Adolph Seilacher (Universities of Tübingen and Yale, Germany and USA):
  "Non olet: the strange taphonomy of coprolites and cololites".

  Invited talkers have confirmed their acceptation as well:

 Nicholas J. Butterfield (University of Cambridge, UK):
  "Permineralization vs. compression; disparate modes of exceptional preservation in the Burgess Shale and their palaeobiological significance".
 Richard A. Fariña (Universidad de la República de Montevideo, Uruguay):
  "Taphonomy and Palaeoecology of the South American giant mammals".
 David Kay Ferguson (Palaeontological Institute, Viena, Austria):
  "Plant Taphonomic Processes and the Fossil Record".
 Susan Kidwell (University of Chicago, USA):
  "The stratigraphy of skeletal concentrations -- applied taphonomy".
 Julia Lee-Thorp (University of Cape Town, South Africa):
  "Assessing Fidelity of Stable Light Isotope Signals in the Light of Mineral Structural Changes from Fossils in Karstic South African Hominid Sites".

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