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Some data about Valencia:
Geographic position:
Altitude 15 m
Longitude 0º 22' 28'' W
Latitude 39º 28' 36'' N
Year 2000 749,016 people

Climatic data
Annual mean temperature (y. 1999) 18.6ºC
February mean temperature 12.3ºC
Main rainfall (days) 73
Sun hours a year 2,829
Relative humidity 65.80%

  The city of Valencia was founded by Romans (Valentia) in 138 BC. It is de capital of Valencia autonomous region (Comunitat Valenciana) and of Valencia Province; it is located in eastern Spain, near the Mediterranean Sea.

  It is one of the largest cities of Spain and a center for agricultural marketing, manufacturing and communications. Among noteworthy buildings in Valencia are the Gothic cathedral (13th-15th century) and the Gothic silk exchange (La Lonja; 15th century).

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Very useful information about Valencia: English, Spanish.

More information about Valencia's City Council, and Comunitat Valenciana.

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