Ordinary contributions will be edited in a special volume with the title "Taphonomy and fossilization" published by the Ayuntamiento de Valencia. This book will be delivered to the participants at the beginning of the Conference.

  IMPORTANT: If you have received already the submitted manuscript with the corrections suggested by the reviewers, please, send us as soon as possible a new manuscript with that corrections, following this new instructions.

  If you are thinking of submitting a manuscript, please follow this instructions:

  Original manuscripts will include up to a maximum of 8 pages (text plus figures -only one plate in b/w and digital format-, tables and references). Text should contain 30 lines for page and 70 characters in each line.

  References in the text should be cited according to the following models:

  • Kidwell (1997)
  • Behrensmeyer & Kidwell (1985)
  • Meléndez et al. (1990)

  References should be listed at the end of the text in alphabetical order of authors' names. Journals and book titles should be written out, not abbreviated.

Examples of references

  Submitting manuscript

  Please, send as soon as possible three printed copies of your paper to the secretary address, in order to submit your contribution. Keep in mind that the manuscripts will be reviewed by two specialists before definitive acceptance, and definitive deadline for receiving de revised manuscript is the 1st of December 2001.

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