Examples of references

  • Article in journal:

    Flessa, K.W., Cutler, A.H. & Meldahl, K.H. 1993. Time and taphonomy; quantitative estimates of time-averaging and stratigraphic disorder in a shallow marine habitat. Paleobiology, 19: 266-286.

  • Article in edited book:

    Behrensmeyer, A.K. 1991. Terrestrial vertebrate accumulations. In: Taphonomy: Releasing the Data Locked in the fossil record (edited by Allison, P.A. & Briggs, D.E.G.), pp. 291-335. Topics in Geobiology, 9. Plenum Press, New York.

  • Book:

    Lyman, R.L. 1994. Vertebrate taphonomy. 524 pp. Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology, Cambridge University Press.

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