Definitive registration will be made through the Universidad Internacional Menéndez y Pelayo UIMP (València). Please, contact the secretary of the UIMP at:

General Information Phone: 34 96 386 98 00

Student Office:

Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo
Palau de Pineda, Plaça del Carme, 4
E-46003 Valencia (SPAIN)

Phones: 34 96 380 98 02/04
Fax: 34 96 386 98 23

  Registration fees: 18,000 pts (108,18 Euros).

  Students from public universities of the "Comunitat Valenciana" will pay 9,000 pts (54,09 Euros).

  The registration process starts from January the 15th and ends February the 14th.

The payment of the registration fees can be made with a bank transfer or cash deposit to the UIMP account: 2077 0063 51 3101275278 in the Bank:

C/ Pintor Sorolla, nº 8 (Oficina Principal 63) in Valencia
Any expenses caused by the bank operations shall be charged to the participant.

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